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Iwriter.com Review
Published By i-churya on 2012-01-22 328 Views

This is my review of iwriter.com Iwriter.com is a new site for both writers and requesters of articles. The site is very simple yet effective because the writer or the requester can go about the site easily. There are no advertisements incorporated on its dashboard to distract attention. Freelance writers wishing to sign up and requesters who want to avail of the service of the iwriter may follow the easy instructions or tutorials on the dashboard.


They have several options to pay their writers from weekly to bi-weekly and two times a month
Unlike other sites, they do not have any requirement for their writers so that anyone around the globe may join as long as you have the writing skill.
Although each article is paid with a meager amount if you live in the Western countries, what is good is that they really pay. My first approved sets of articles were paid on time. Other writers also claim the same.
The review and approval of articles is fast making fast income to your paypal. I am writing in several writing sites and it takes time for them to approve and pay.


It does not have live support. You can only contact requesters through mail if you have any questions or problems with the article.

Some requesters are unreasonable in disapproving your article. One of my articles was rejected because according to the requester she/he had approved previous article with the set tone the same as mine in which I did not intend to write the article the same way. Another requester gave me a reason that what I wrote is not just the article he was looking for even if I followed exactly his instructions!

So far, iwrite.com is good enough for freelancers and requesters of articles. I personally like the design of the site because you could navigate it easily without so much ado. Most importantly, they pay their writers. Kudos to the management of the iwriter.com!



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