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Best Countries for Filipino Overseas workers (OFW) to Work
Published By i-churya on 2012-02-19 954 Views

Some of the best countries for OFW to work actually are just near the Philippines. You do not need to go far before you can earn dollars for your family and for your country. Here is a list.


This is on top of the lists because of higher dollar exchange with the peso. One Singaporean dollar is more than 33 pesos which is a lot higher compared with other Asian countries. Apart from this, there are various works available for qualified Filipinos. This includes nurses, waiters, chef, graphic designers, programmers, customer service representatives and many more. To avail of the jobs, applicants may apply directly at the POEA office or you can send your resume through www.workabroad.ph if you are a member of this site. Non members can register easily.


Although, this country mostly caters to domestic helpers, they also hire other professions such as draftsman, welders, engineer, plant mechanics and others. To make sure, you will not fall into the hands of scammers or illegal recruiters, apply at the POEA office through workabroad site.


Malaysia has many job openings these days however always check with the POEA regarding recent job offers. Nurses, machinists, engineers, coal miners, domestic helpers, and many more jobs are open. Just make sure, you qualify for the job you are applying though.


Taiwan is well known for factory workers, caretakers, and domestic helpers. These job openings are also available through legitimate recruitment agencies.


This country is small but economically stable. For the moment, the country is hiring cashier, service crew, civil engineers, carpenters, cook, family driver, and others. Again check with the POEA.

These are the best countries for Filipino overseas workers (OFW) to work because they are near the Philippines and the people resemble Filipinos so that homesickness is not too great to bear.

Source: OFWguide


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